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Starting a social enterprise changes lives and CO.STARTERS is designed to help you do just that! But maybe you are wondering what is a social enterprise and why does CO.STARTERS for Causes meet the needs of participants wanting to start a social impact business or not-for-profit?

What are they?

Social enterprises are for profit or not for profit businesses focussing on community benefit. Starting a social enterprise and managing relationships with stakeholders is a little different to running a general business, and so CO.STARTERS for Causes has been designed as a specialised program. It covers all the important business know-how, but most importantly also explores the unique social enterprise structures and needs to be a success.

Many budding social entrepreneurs have come through CO.STARTERS for Causes programs here in Australia, New Zealand and the USA!

What are the Types of Social Enterprise?

Sometimes people have a business idea for social benefit but have never heard of the term ‘Social Enterprise’, and are so excited when they talk to our team. Sometimes they use other terms because there are so many different names for the types of social enterprises in Australia. If they don’t intend to make a profit for shareholders, terms like ‘Not for Profit’, or ‘Charity’ are often used. Sometimes they may be intending to make a profit and distribute it to many deserving shareholders who will benefit in their own community. Terms like ‘Social Impact Business’, or ‘Business as Mission’ (BAM) fit this type of Social Enterprise. They all want the same thing, a business that ultimately provides social benefits.

More information

CO.STARTERS for Causes Summary

Enrolment and Registrations of Interest

Special $100 discount for August start.  Total price after discount $880 (GST inclusive).  Pay $55 deposit to secure your place and the remainder in instalments.

Choose which way you want to do the program to suit your schedule.  Either attend all 9 workshops, or a flexible approach of face to face or online one on one mentoring plus some masterclasses or events.

Whether you are enrolling as part of a community or organisational group, or interested in registering for an upcoming public group on our events page, please complete the ONLINE FORM.  This form will help us support you well before and during your program, and start your successful journey with our dedicated mentors. Payment options available on the Payment Page.

Individuals and social enterprise teams welcome!



CO.STARTERS is an associate member of the Queensland Social Enterprise Council. Click to visit our listing.

Social enterprises change lives

Pemba Amura founder and director of social enterprise Kilimanjaro Krafts speaks about CO.STARTERS for Causes at a recent CO.STARTERS for Causes breakfast.


Brisbane couple Shane and Tracey started their CO.STARTERS journey after a life changing event. They wanted to channel their minds and energy into developing a social enterprise in Queensland, Australia. Watch their pitch at the final night dinner for their group in Brisbane. It’s so inspirational!

 Shane and Tracey’s Pitch for their Social Enterprise.