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We are excited to bring Will Joseph from CO.STARTERS headquarters in Chattanooga Tennessee USA back to conduct certified training for future facilitators, mentors and advisors. Are you interested in helping others and working with them using your own strengths and understanding about business? Then complete the registration as per instructions below, or contact us now [email protected], or call CO.STARTERS manager Margaret on 0417550387!


This program is the nine week program delivered to adults interested in starting or innovating in business.
When: Tuesday 23rd October 1-5 and Wednesday 24th October 9-4
Cost for facilitator/mentor/advisor training $350 plus GST


This program is delivered to high school age teens interested in business and entrepreneurship.
When: Friday 26th 9-12.  Note that participants must have completed the core training in Australia, New Zealand or the USA prior to doing GENERATOR Training.
Cost: $300 plus GST

How to register to attend and tell us more about you

Please use the Brisbane CO.STARTERS registration form and type OCTOBER FACILITATOR TRAINING next to your surname on the Contact Information page.

NOTE: This online form is used by people registering to do the program but we also use it for facilitator training registrations, so don’t worry as we know many questions don’t apply to you. Just keep clicking boxes to get to the next page until you get to the end. Any information you do put in is really helpful when we prepare emails to participants about you.

Tell us about your business or position. Add any information about your interest in types of groups, or how you’d like to be involved in any text box in the form. This will help us prepare a fantastic training program!

REGISTRATION FORM LINK http://sgiz.mobi/s3/c6b288635964?CSL=brisbane

Payment options

EFT (Bank transfer)
REFERENCE: CSF and include the last name of the person or people to be trained
Bank Details
BSB 633000
Account details 145606091
Aspin Group Pty Ltd (Aspin Group are Australian education and training consultants and the Brisbane licenced provider of CO.STARTERS programs)

Purchase Orders
Send to [email protected]

PayPal and Cards
Pay at https://www.startupsinaustralia.com.au/payments/
Option 1: CORE Program $350 plus GST
Option 2: GENERATOR only $300 plus GST (Note this option requires completion of the CORE Facilitator program – suitable for those trained in Brisbane October 2017 or previously trained in New Zealand or USA)
Option 3: Both CORE and GENERATOR $650 plus GST